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Laars (Heating)

Laars is proud to design, test and manufacture high efficiency residential and commercial hydronic boilers, volume water heaters and commercial pool heaters at our Rochester NH, USAheadquarters.       
Laars meets the needs of today's more demanding heating systems applications with over 20 different heating products and supporting accessories and controls

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Magnatherm MGH1600 Magnatherm MGH1600 Magnatherm MGH2000 Magnatherm MGH2000 Magnatherm MGH2500 Magnatherm MGH2500 Magnatherm MGH3000 Magnatherm MGH3000 Magnatherm MGH3500 Magnatherm MGH3500 Magnatherm MGH4000 Magnatherm MGH4000 Magnatherm MGV1600 Magnatherm MGV1600 Magnatherm MGV2000 Magnatherm MGV2000 Magnatherm MGV2500 Magnatherm MGV2500 Magnatherm MGV3000 Magnatherm MGV3000 Magnatherm MGV3500 Magnatherm MGV3500 Magnatherm MGV4000 Magnatherm MGV4000 Mascot MFTCF Floor-Standing Mascot MFTCF Floor-Standing Mascot MFTCW Wall-mounted Mascot MFTCW Wall-mounted Mascot MLXC125 Mascot MLXC125 Mascot MLXC150 Mascot MLXC150 Mascot MLXC175 Mascot MLXC175 Mascot MLXH100 Mascot MLXH100 Mascot MLXH125 Mascot MLXH125 Mascot MLXH150 Mascot MLXH150 Mascot MLXH175 Mascot MLXH175 Mascot MLXH220 Mascot MLXH220 Mascot MLXH50 Mascot MLXH50 Mascot MLXH75 Mascot MLXH75 U.H.E 100T150 U.H.E 100T150 U.H.E 100T199 U.H.E 100T199 U.H.E 100T250 U.H.E 100T250 U.H.E 100T300 U.H.E 100T300 U.H.E 100T399 U.H.E 100T399 U.H.E 60T125 U.H.E 60T125 U.H.E 60T150 U.H.E 60T150 U.H.E 60T199 U.H.E 60T199

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